Review | The Bluebell Bunting Society

Author: Poppy Dolan
Publisher: Canelo
Genre: Women’s Fiction, Romance
Disclaimer: I received this book for free in return for my honest review, as part of NetGalley’s reviewing programme.

The Bluebell Bunting Society tells the tale of twenty-nine year old Connie, the caretaker of Bluebell Hall. The predecessor to her beloved grandma, Connie tries her best to maintain the historical hall. Yet when the it is threatened with closure, Connie must attempt to bring the community together, connecting lives and keeping the village’s history afloat. But can she manage on her own?
Although this book is far from the A level set texts I’m currently reading, it was a heartwarming and lovely read as a break from the heavy themes of The Handmaid’s Tale and alike.
One of the greatest successes of this novel is the relatability of the focaliser, Connie. A wandering soul who finds herself back in her hometown Hazlehurst, she is passionate at what she does, no matter what others may think. Although she is looked down on for being the caretaker of a crumbling hall, Connie always strives for the best and is dedicated to the things she loves.
Overall this book is heartwarming. With hints of well-planned humour, and a subtle romance link, it’s definitely one I’d recommend for light reading. I look forward to reading more of Poppy’s work in the future!



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